Kinsa si Juan Diyong?

HAMILING BINILIN, INC. (HAMBIN Inc.) presented a Lecture Forum on “Kinsa si Juan Diyong: The 1815 Uprising in Cebu” by DR. MIKE CULLINANE. This was held last July 16, 2016 (Saturday) 3:00 to 5:00 P.M. at the Social Hall, Cebu Provincial Capitol Building. The talk focused on an uprising presumably against the Spanish authorities in Cebu in 1814-15, led by an obscure native, Juan Diyong. The causes of the uprising, even the targets of the discontent, are concealed in local legends, hagiographic accounts of missionaries, and Spanish investigations conducted shortly after the upheaval.

The presentation attempts to unravel these narratives and, in so doing, argues that this seemingly anti-Spanish uprising was in fact the first salvo in an intense struggle (1820-1850) between a resurgent Augustinian missionary project based at the Convento de Santo Niño in Cebu City and the leaders of the wealthy and powerful Chinese mestizo community of the city’s Parian. All these events will be interpreted within the larger context of a significant decline in Spanish hegemony in the central Visayas and northern Mindanao in the second half of the 18th century (la retirada) and a reassertion of Spanish dominance in this region at the start of the 19th century (la reconquista).


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