From the BPO to the Male Pageantry World: Ian Roy for Mr. Gay World Philippines 2016


Ian Roy Paderanga, 30, Misamis Occidental, BPO Manager

As a BPO Manager and Engagement Activities Head, Teroy, as his friends fondly call him is proud to say that his hometown, Misamis Oriental, which he is representing, is a peaceful place and is a tourism haven.

For this BS Psychology graduate, joining the Mr. Gay World Philippines is his way to promote his advocacy for peace and unity in Mindanao. According to him, acceptance, regardless of sexuality and preferences, is a big step to getting treated equally and fairly. He knows that he can make a difference by showing others that members of the LGBT community can do great things in the society.



Can you tell us about yourself?

I’m funny, very outgoing, a leader, I love to meet people and always want to do more and make a difference.

Who is your biggest fan?

Family and friends- I always feel their support.

Whose biggest fan are you?

My parents- they’ve been through a lot raising the five of us. Until now their relationship is strong and never gets tired of loving each other, loving us.

What do you like to do in your spare time?

I go to the gym to workout. I go to videoke joints with my peers to sing. I dance because it’s my talent. If I’m free I dance and choreograph.

What is your greatest fear?

Losing the person I really love especially my family.

What is your greatest hope?

I hope that we’ll have a better country. I hope that all people we’ll get equal rights especially the LGBT community. We are humans, we love, we deserve to be loved and valued.

What accomplishment are you most proud of?

I’m proud of my job. I am proud of my career progression. I went through a lot of challenges since starting as a call center agent. I didn’t stop from working so hard until I became a manager. I’m proud of the initiatives I created to make my workplace more fun and exciting.

How do you think people will remember you?

I want a person to remember me as someone who is always happy and very optimistic.

What is the circumstance that you ended up joining the competition?

I really wanted to try a pageant. This is to challenge myself, to see how confident I am facing a big crowd. I want this to be a stepping stone to pursue my advocacy on equality and that we from the LGBT community can do great things even beyond what is expected from us. All people regardless of race, gender, orientation can make a difference in this world.

What do you expect from the Mr. Gay World Philippines competition?

It’s going to be a tough one. This is where the finest candidates representing their respective cities and provinces will complete to get the title and represent the Philippines in the Mr.Gay World 2017. Definitely this will bring out the best in me and I will put my best foot forward, so to speak.


Mr. Gay World Philippines is a non-profit organization that holds national contest to Filipino delegates for Mr. Gay World. Wilbert Ting Tolentino was given the license to be the newest national director this January 2016. Christian Lacsamana was the first Filipino delegate appointed by Wilbert Ting Tolentino to represent the Philippines in Malta, on April 2016. He landed second runner up, first Filipino to made that far.


Vote for Ian Roy Paderanga as your Mr. Gay World Philippines 2016 through the link


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