Teleperformance Cebu commence Best Place to Work initiative


It takes more than a high salary, having a foosball table in the company lunchroom or any other bonuses or paybacks to retain quality staff. There is an ever mounting interest in understanding the influences between culture and performance.
 After all, having a great workplace isn’t about the perks. Teleperformance Cebu recently launched a special taskforce that will set many employee engagement initiatives for both Insular and IT Park sites.
Headed by Cebu’s Site Director Franklin Pasayloon, the launch has named key individuals who will lead and create initiatives to support the Best Place To Work project. Espoused from the global standard “Best Place To Work” (BPTW), the formation of the special team aims to address Teleperformance’s six “Key Engagement Drivers”, namely career opportunities, communication, organizational reputation, pay or benefits, recognition, and work-life balance.
“In line with our aspiration to continue to be an employer of choice and achieve one of Teleperformance’s DNAs which is to engage, with a highly involved workforce, operating in a culture that focuses on productivity and business, without compromising on work-life balance, there is a need for the creation of this team,” in a statement made by Pasayloon.
Subsequent to the newest accomplishment of both Cebu sites as the Best in Class in the recent published report of the 2016 Employee Satisfaction Survey, the BPTW initiative’s main objective is to involve all employees in generating a positive and fun image for the company to fellow co-workers, potential employees and customers.

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