Speaking the Language of Flowers

Museo Sugbo voices the “Language of Flowers” with artist, Novereich Agustin in tow. The Language of Flowers stands to be more than a solo art exhibition, but also a achieved declaration that the artist has finally found his creative center after years of searching for his artistic identity.As an artist, Novereich has always been fascinated with flowers. His creative self in the creation of animated process-and-content oriented art pieces. The Language of Flowers collects a chain of art deco and self-made art pieces made by him, each highlighted with complexly detailed handmade miniature face masks that are perfected by masterfully solidified lines, shades and tones.

Each of the exhibit’s miniature face masks are prepared with lacquered air dried clay, complemented with intricately detailed daubs, switchbacks and dots, all in all yielding to a Japanese-inspired eminence that is intently elemental and profound.The subject matter of his artworks, in many forms and circumstances, speaks of powerful emotions which are well represented and complemented by the face of a beautiful woman that depicts depth springing from within.

“The Language of Flowers” is on display at the Museo Sugbo until the end of this month. To get to know more of the artist and his artworks, check his FB page at http://www.facebook.com/Novereich.


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