Museo Sugbo Opens Doors to Everyone

It was a whole day of fun and learning. Kids, teens and Kids-at-heart were treated to a free lecture and guided tour last October 29, at the Libreng Suroy sa Museo Sugbo in MJ Cuenco Ave., Tejero,, Cebu City. In celebration of the National Museums and Galleries Month, the activity is a public service project of the Cebu Provincial Government, Museo Sugbo, Cebu Provincial Tourism Office and the Cebu Literary Festival.

Museums are models of informal learning environments, which means they are devoted mainly to informal education — a lifetime process whereby individuals obtain attitudes, values, skills and knowledge from daily experience and the educative influences and resources in his or her environment. Visitors were treated to free guided tours, storytelling, and arts and crafts workshops for kids and spoken word for teens.

In the morning, scores of students from the University of the Philippines attended Lourdes Romarate’s discussion on the Lost Art of Linambay, a traditional Cebuano stage play that was famous in the 1950’s. The afternoon session started off with Rochelle Tabino’s watercolor session for kids.

Not to be outdone was Beep Beep Books with their dynamic stories and books. One of the sought after activities kids and visitors looked forward to was Novereich Agustin’s clay art workshop. Children had a hands-on experience on clay-molding, specifically on how to mold different kinds if flowers using clay.

Cebu Literary Festivals Spoken Word Workshop for teens capped the Libreng Suroy. Museums are a lot more than collections of artifacts; they allow you to meet with neighbors, discuss thoughts and opinions, and become an active part of the community.

The Museo Sugbo is one of the big repositories of Cebuano heritage, a feat that was realized when the first four galleries of the museum were inaugurated on August 5, 2008. Museo Sugbo is housed in what was once called Cárcel de Cebú, the provincial jail of Cebu. Another installment of the Libreng Suroy will happen on November 19, 2016.


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