Of Coffee and Co-working

Cafés, particularly those with free Internet, are often a hub for self-employed and telecommuting employees. Most weekdays it is likely to see some laptop-toting writers, web designers, and consultants situated near the power outlets at a coffee shop, intermingled with students and professionals seeking a change of setting from their usual offices.

A new model of this kind of set-up is Workplace Café, which opened its doors last   November 19, 2016. The Workplace Café  is a co-working space coffee shop located in F. Ramos St., Cebu City.

This is a unique co-working environment that combines the strengths of an up-to-date office (Print and Scan, Fast Wi-Fi, and plenty of power outlets) with the best parts of a café experience (a bustling, open atmosphere with great coffee!) In other words, it’s a good place to work.

These are the coffee shop facilities will surely help you work better; Lots of Power Outlet, Comfortable Seats, Handcrafted Beverages, Super-fast WiFi, Print and Scan and Private Projection Room.Gadgets like laptops and smart phones are essential these days. Now you don’t have to burden yourself on where you will charge your laptop or your phone because at Workplace, outlets ready to use are abound.Unlike on other coffee shops where at times you feel uneasy because of the wooden seat, at Workplace, seats are more comfortable. Your preferred coffee to get you focused on your project and tea to get you relaxed. They have a wide array of available drinks from coffee to tea.

Internet is the essence of the industry these days. Workplace Café has two superfast WiFi connections from two different service providers. For printing & scanning needs, the concierge is the place to be. No matter how paperless we want the world to be, we can’t just leave-out using papers this age. For meetings, a private room plus a projector to get the discussion done is available as well.

The availability of coffee and food at Workplace Café means workers can stay longer than they might at a regular co-working space because “you don’t need to go up the street to get a cup of coffee.”Workplace Café is located in F. Ramos St. (beside UCPB), Cebu City. They are open on Mondays to Saturdays, from 10am to 2:00am. To know more about Workplace Café, you can check out their Facebook via facebook.com/theworkplacecafe and Instagram, workplace_cafe.


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