Tsingtao Beer comes to Cebu

Tsingtao Beer (pronounced ching dow) is the flagship brew of Tsingtao Brewery Co.,Ltd. China’s second largest brewery. Recently, Tsingtao Beer was launched officially in Cebu on Saturday, Nov. 19, 2016 at the Sugbo Mercado, IT Park, Cebu.

Tsingtao Beer accounts for most of the brewery’s production. An unpasteurized version is sold as Tsingtao Draft Beer. Tsingtao Beer was long advertised as being “brewed with mineral water from the Laoshan Spring”, which contributed to its characteristic flavor.Originally, Tsingtao Beer was brewed in accordance with the German Reinheitsgebot (“Purity Law”) of 1516. The only ingredients that were used were water, barley, and hops.


Cebuano beer aficionados got a first taste of Tsingtao Beer at the said Grand Launching. Because Beer makes an excellent accompaniment to many different foods, guests were treated to a culinary spread of the different locators of Sugbo Merkado ranging from the famed boneless lechon to the sought after churros.Games and surprises were also in store during the raffles and the beer drinking contest. Tsingdao Beer id distributed by Dranix Distribution Inc. Cebu.


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