23 Minore Park Formally Launched

Intended to become another Cebu historical landmark, 23 Minore Park was officially launched on December 15 as a place where nature blends with history. A development by Duros Land Properties Inc., the 23 Minore Park is situated on the previous grounds of St. John XXIII Seminary, taking spur from the seminary’s heritage as a seedbed, an institution that has fostered innumerable young men aspiring to serve the church.



The launching started with a mass and blessing of the 23 Minore Park officiated by Archbishop Jose Palma, and followed by the unveiling of the 23 Minore Park logo purposefully located in the corners of St. John Paul Ave. and Cardinal Rosales Avenue.The entire 2-hectare property is an estate that will feature a refreshing central park with a beautiful garden, the portal, an outdoor chapel, and an activity area.It will have distinguishing business and commercial spaces.


It includes the IEC Pavilion, the main event venue of the 51st International Eucharistic Congress (IEC) which happened January of this year.IEC Pavilion, the main event venue of 51st (IEC) is now an appealing venue for conventions and events. The IEC Pavilion has since then hosted plenary sessions, meetings, conferences, and exhibitions.


During the launch, what was known as the IEC Pavilion has been renamed as the IEC Convention Center Cebu (IC3). Boasting a seating capacity of over 10,000. Soon to rise in the property is Manila-based Landers Superstore. It is scheduled to open in Cebu in April 2017.As a membership store, it sells a combination of imported and local products to members that includes imported goods, which comprise grocery items, electronics, apparel, as well as health and beauty products among others. In the works is also an international hotel chain in the 23 Minore Park vicinity.


Duros Land, the developer responsible for the construction of the International Eucharistic Congress (IEC) Pavilion, and the Archdiocese of Cebu has agreed to a 25-year leasing of the latter’s property. The company figured a P3-billion investment for the IEC and 23 Minore Park.

23 Minore Park.jpg
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L – R : Pinky Angudong (Landers Superstore Marketing Director), Gwen Lim (Landers Superstore President), Archbishop Jose Palma (Archbishop of Cebu), Rafaelito Barino (Duros Group Chairman), Fe M. Barino (Duros Group President), Lydwena Eco (23 Minore Park Project Director), Architect Carlos Pio Zafra.



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