Viva Vagina!


“The Vagina Monologues” brings the experiences of women (and other people who have vaginas) to the stage in an emotional roller coaster of a play at the Santa Maria Ballroom of the Radisson Blu Cebu last February 26, 2017.


About 30 women from all walks of life will bared their souls onstage, imparting their voices for the ostracized, abused and exploited  women in a benefit performance of The Vagina Monologues, a V-Day Cebu presentation.


Their moans, ranging from the “inhibited bisexual moan” to the “machine gun” moan, were part of the show’s commitment to showing a variety of sexual experiences. Made up of a series of monologues, the annual show provoked equal amounts of laughter and tears from the audience. Transgender cast members were also on stage.


V-Day Cebu, is an event held to raise funds to support a local organization that promotes the welfare and empowerment of women and girls. The special performance is also in celebration of its 15th anniversary.


This year’s Vagina Warriors—the women volunteers is made up of gorgeous, strong women from different fields. Some of them have been with the show since its birth while some are new faces on stage, yet all of them are reveling women’s sexuality with humor and grace.


Every year, V-Day highlights a particular women’s issues that are  relevant today where women continue to fight for equal job opportunities or sexual harassment in the workplace and others.


The Vagina Monologues is an award-winning play based on the interviews of more than 200 women all over the world by V-Day founder and playwright Eve Ensler. Part of the proceeds from V-Day 2017 will be given to Bidlisiw Foundation, a local foundation that has been the beneficiary of V-Day since 2002 that provides access, opportunities and hope for the most marginalized women and children, families and communities in Cebu. For the first time in Cebu, V-day will assimilated a special feature on the men who are supporting the global campaign to end women abuses of all kinds.




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