Summer Swashbuckling at Cebu Fencing League

Sports summer camps teach kids to exercise and stay active. With childhood obesity at an all-time high, it’s essential to give kids an alternative to spending long hours online or in front of electronic devices. It’s important to their overall development, growth and health that they remain active.Fencing3

What better way to spend your summer by learning fencing at the Cebu Fencing League Summer Clinic 2017. The fencing clinic is for kids aged 8 years and up, teems, college students and adults as well.


The summer clinic is comprised of three batches. Regular Enrollment Fee is pegged at ₱2,000/person per batch. The first and second batches have already wrapped up.

The courses include:

  1. Basic Foil-this is for those who have had no former training and limited club gear available for loan to registered students during training. Minimal gear requirement for beginners is glove (if not a fencing glove then any glove with good grip and adequate protection)
  2. Advance foil/Epee- this is for those who have gone through Basic Foil or have had a minimum of 1 year training
  3. Basic Sabre-this is intended for seasoned foil & épée fencers who wish to expand their skills to sabre.


Practices practices currently ongoing every Saturday at the Sacred Heart Center on D. Jakosalem St., Cebu City. With a goal to mentor outstanding and undiscovered Cebuano fencers, the CFL is open to all those who are interested in learning, regardless of age.


In Cebu, the art of swordsmanship was introduced to in 1997, with the establishment of the Cebu Fencing League (CFL). Fees include use of available club gear during training sessions. Enrollment is at the main office on the first floor of Sacred Heart Center (look for Jovelyn or Shirley) and is still open.

For more information about the Cebu Fencing League, you can also check their Facebook Page





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