Bubble Tea Station turns five, launches new look

In celebration of its five years of operation in Cebu, Bubble Tea Station (BTS) launches its new look that reflects its evolution from being a small kiosk to being an active player in the milk tea industry in the Queen City.Being one of the first milk tea shops in Cebu back in 2012, owner Meyan Lim Youn shared her surprise and happiness about how BTS turned out to be what it is today.


“It was a spur-of-the-moment idea! I love milk tea so I opened a milk tea shop. I was very hands-on with everything, making recipes, helping out in actual operations and even the branding! I remember making out logo using Powerpoint Presentation!” Young shares.Today, Buble Tea Station has five branches in Banilad Town Center, Robinsons Galleria, UCMed, Ateneo de Cebu and Paseo Arcenas. Young also shared how overwhelmed she is with the Cebuanos’ patronage of BTS.


“A lot of our customers now started buying our products when we opened in 2012. It is very overwhelming to see their support until now. We also have customers who really visit us everyday,” she added.It is because of the customers’ support that Young decided that it was time for BTS to evolve and give it the branding it deserves.


“The old BTS brand in 2012 represented a budding teeny-bopper who was very excited for all her the possibilities coming her way. The brand now is a seasoned version of that girl. Still young and vibrant but with experience already,” Young added.Following its rebrand is the opening of the three (3) more branches in Cebu within the year in SM City Cebu. SM Seaside and Robinsons Cybergate.


To give tribute to their customers’ support in the last five years, Young opened a seal top designing contest to make them feel like they are a part of this milestone.“We purposely didn’t do a rebrand on our cup seal tops because we want our customers to be the ones to determine that. We want them to make their own,” she added.


The details od the said contest are posted on their Facebook page-Bubble Tea Station. A 5 for 5 promo is also ongoing on all Wednesdays of May, which all regular drinks will be P55 from 11AM-3PM.



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