How milk tea charms young consumers and entrepreneurs

This business has been successfully proving that milk tea is not just another fad. Milk tea shops are presently among the most popular hang-out places in the metro along with cafés. Times are changing, so do people. They want to socialize more. Aside from a coffee shop, a milk tea shop is therefore a perfect place for them. It gives a certain fun and cool environment, while coffee shops tend to be more formal and serious.

Today’s generation also has a different craving for anything sweet. Given that milk tea is relatively a milder beverage than coffee (not to mention sweeter), it has an after taste is not as distinctive as its counterpart – a quality that most teens and yuppies appreciate. Clearly, that is one of the reasons why the industry continues to prosper.


Recently, Bubble Bee Tea House, one of the first to introduce milk teas in Cebu announced their reopening and held an event to present their revamped menu. According to Ms. Cherith Beth Tan-Unjo, Bubble Bee Tea House is distinctive compared to other typical tea houses in the city. This is because BBT House, as she fondly calls it, offers customers drinks which are made of fresh healthy ingredients.


In making their drinks, they use fresh fruits and pure tea bags. Aside from the fresh tea drinks, this North American/Southeast Asian-inspired tea house also offers a wide selection of snacks and meals. They offer not only the usual pica-pica or finger food found in any bubble tea shops; they also serve full meals including breakfast meals, rice meals, pasta, and more.


Bubble Bee Tea House is located at TSI Building, Ouano Avenue, North Reclamation Area, Mandaue City. It is open from 10 AM to 10 PM and is a few meters away from Cebu Doctors University and UCMed.




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