Teleperformance Cebu Show care for the Environment

Living up to its commitment to minimize negative environmental impacts by acting in a sustainable manner to ensure future generations have the ability to meet their own needs, about 30 employee volunteers from Teleperformance Cebu Insular and Cebu IT Park joined hands to make this goal into a fruition.


Rain or shine, around 300 seedlings of mahogany trees were planted in Barangay Babag, a mountain barangay in Cebu City last June 24, 2017. This Tree planting activity was made possible through the partnership with the Metropolitan Cebu Water District. The planting site is a part of the Central Cebu Protected Landscape.


Donna Marie C. Cristobal, one of the volunteers said she joined the activity because the activity could help reduce global warming by planting trees. “We need more trees to supply the oxygen needs of the people and to neutralize carbon dioxide in the environment,” she said.


Citizen of the Planet (COTP) is a global corporate initiative aimed at ensuring Teleperformance operates in an environmentally friendly and responsible manner. In a combined effort we commit to help our planet by  improving facilities to create “sustainable sites” (i.e water, paper & other waste reductions) and strive for “paperless” environments as well as recycling and incentivising energy & atmosphere Improvements. A key focus is to minimize our overall Carbon Footprint on a worldwide basis.



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