All Hail the Meat House!

Meat lovers unite! A first-hand steakhouse has opened along J. Panis Street in Banilad. Named The Meat House, it is a family-style steakhouse that serves premium U.S. grade beef. The place guarantees on the quality of their steaks. This was disclosed by its CEO/owner Ernesto C. Herrera II as blogger sand writers were treated to a festive treat last June 4, 2017.


House specialties are the Prime Grade Ribeye, Monster Chop, Meat House Ribs and Angus Beef Burger. Their Prime Grade Ribeye is the gastronomic treat. It’s a burning and juicy 500-gram U.S. Ribeye Steak seasoned with Himalayan salt and black pepper, and grilled to the customer’s looked-for doneness. Its menu also includes items that are kids’ favorites, like fried chicken and spaghetti.


For groups or families who want a selection of all of the restaurant’s best dishes, the MH Family Bonding Platter is the answer. The platter consist of half honey lemon peppered chicken, one piece of monster chop, 400 grams of Meat House ribs, and one imported sausage of the customers’ choice served with fries on the side.


You may choose from a range of desserts to cap off their meal. The Meat House has an assortment of delicious sweet concoctions like warm brownie in a cup and apple pie topped with vanilla ice cream, chocolate moist cake made with rich Belgian chocolate.


Now that was quite a round-up of their menu that will have you coming back for more.



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