Multivitamin for the man on top

To re-introduce and increase brand recognition for Rogin-E in the Visayas and Mindanao region, the first-ever Rogin-E Man Hub Cebu was held last  July 23,2017  at The Northwing of SM City Cebu. The Rogin-E Man Hub is a whole-day event especially geared for men who want to stay on top of their game.


It showcased different activities that speak to a man’s varied interests and passions. Cars and motorbikes for men who love speed and mobility; sports brands for those who want to stretch the limits of their physical strength and power; lifestyle and fashion for those who know that appearance counts; and other toys and hobbies to engage a man’s mind and body were on display.


Special performances from Roxanne Barcelo and Anna Fegi, and a workout exhibition from Coach Jim Saret added color to the whole day event. 3 lucky winners were drawn and won iPad Minis and other prizes and freebies were up for grabs.


The Rogin-E Man Hub Cebu 2017 recognizes that men have distinct needs to stay ahead – physical and mental endurance, focus and mental agility, and the energy to attend to his diverse interests. Getting to the top requires a lot from you. Staying there demands even more.


Balancing both work and your personal life, while keeping an active, healthy lifestyle, can take a toll on both mind and body, even more as you age. This is why it is important to be equipped with all the right tools, and to take time out to relax and recharge.


Developed by Bayer, Rogin-E is a multivitamin especially formulated for men who want to always be on top of their game, both at work and at home. It contains Korean Panax Ginseng that enhances physical and mental endurance against weakness and exhaustion; Deanol for potency, improved concentration and mental agility; and Royal Jelly for youthful vitality.





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