Hassle-free Holiday Shopping with GCash

Now, here is good news for Cebuano Shoppers! GCash cashless payment is now   in one of the biggest malls in Cebu City. Anyone can now shop, dine and pay at selected stores and restaurants inside the Ayala Center Cebu with just the GCash app.


More than 50 merchants inside Ayala Center Cebu are now accepting GCash and the end of the year, clost to 100 merchants will be using this cashless payment system. What’s more, customers who use the scan to pay QR feature of Gcash can get up to 20 percent cash back on select merchants. This means big savings for all shoppers especially this holiday season!Convineient, easy and efficient, GCash converts the current system of cash payments to an electronic scan-to-pay QR scheme. This launch is one of the firsts in Cebu City.DSC_0110DSC_0112

GCash scan to pay QR is so east to use. Custimers will only have to download and update to the latest version of GCash App on their smartphones, and fund their GCash wallets at any Globe store or partner business  centers. Once the GCash wallet is funded,they can already use the scan-to-pay QR feature ant any GCAsh store partners inside Ayala Center Cebu just by tapping Pay QR, then Scan QR on the App, and point their smartphone’s camera at the partner’s QR code and simply tap pay.


GCash is even more efficeient as its systems gives users transparency.Customers can check and view their transactions through their GCash App. It allows one to check their remaining balance right away.


Some of the pilot stores now offering GCash scan to pay QR include Abaca Baking Company, Bo’s Coffee, Casa VERde, Chika-an and others. AS GCAsh poises to be the top electronic and cashless payment system in the country, its nationwide presence and wider store reach can let consumers use Gcash at any Ayala Malls nationwide. All Ayala Cinemas accept GCash as form of payment. Toehr merchants offering cashless transactions are Bench Group, Bistro Group, Max’s Group and SSI.


To learn more abut GCash, visit www.GCash.com. Follow the, on their social media channels: www.facebook.com/gcahsofficial. www.twitter.com/gcashofficial, and www.instagram.com/gcashofficial.


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