Branding a City:Lapu-Lapu

If you have been to Lapu-Lapu City, or a resident of the city, have you ever wondered what the different vibrant colors you find on the streets, government buildings and just about everywhere stands for?City branding engages the interaction between the city itself, its residents and visitors as it tells the story and bring people into the story.In the process, the brand can contribute to the growth of tourist arrivals shaping their experiences in the city and to make them return to the city. Then, it will encourage new investments that can generate employment to its residents. Now, the brand will help to attract more people, to improve chances in their career, renew the pride in Lapu- Lapu City and to enjoy even more as well.



The aim is to communicate and build a strong and meaningful identity that accurately encapsulates the unique attributes, values and personality of Lapu- Lapu City. Great cities in the world are always known more than their name or made famous by any other names. The reason is people tend to associate their experience in identifying places than remembering the names. These were the conventions of the new world when it was trying to discover new dimensions of the earth in search for lucrative spices or extension of the sphere of their influence.


As always, the other names that these cities are known for, create a mental picture, a visual representation whether in metaphor or what describes best of the place that anybody who hear it creates his own visualization without boundaries to the limits of one’s imagination. (Sin City – Las Vegas, The Big Apple – New York, A state within a state – Vatican, Malaysia, Truly Asia!)


By creating such an individual limitless imagery through one’s imagination, a spark of curiosity process begins in every individual or to a target market. The process will eventually lure them to experience the visual representation they have. To see, discover and experience a new world. This is the same process that lured Ferdinand Magellan to the shores of Opong (old name of Opon or MactanIsland ) where he met his fate in the hands of Makatang (Lapu-lapu’s nickname better known now as Mactan) .


The Tourism Commission of Lapu-lapu City saw the need to come up with a brand name for Lapu-lapu that will carve the name of the city not only in the domestic but in the international tourism market.With tourism as the main economic driver of the city, growth and development of the city will be dictated on how the administration can steer its direction and lure more investments to benefit the constituency.


The administration of Mayor Paz Radaza has decided to take tourism as its platform in governance that aims to instill and emulate the culture of service from the tourism industry into the entire city.The current situation of the tourism industry dictates that the Lapu-lapu City is only considered as part of the whole package and was never given its own distinct identity when in fact, it hosts the best and world class amenities that the region can offer.


The international airport in the tropical island provides the quickest route to domestic and international markets, while the location of the hotels and resorts line up the coastline around the airport.The city is also historic as it is the site of the famous battle betweenDatuLapu- Lapu and the world’s renowned navigator Ferdinand Magellan. DatuLapu- Lapu defended the island from the Spanish colonizers. He’s known as the country’s first hero and he hails from the island.

Indeed the city is a historic island resort!

“The Historic Resort City” Brand


No other city around the world has so far been identified as “The Historic Resort City.”  The name creates an instant imagery from the receiver without undergoing a mental process of analyzing and explanation.

“Free yourself!”  Tagline

Brand slogan association that hints visitors– staying in Lapu- Lapu is memorably fun, free from work battles, angst, stress and hassles, plus,  delightful with great amenities.




  • For tourists: free yourself from work battles, from stress
  • For MICE: free yourself from hassles of planning and organizing meetings
  • For domestic tourists: free yourself from long trips, bad food
  • For ecotourists: free yourself in Olango’s surroundings
  • For residents: free yourself from long lines (simplified business transactions, for example)
  • For youth and young adults: free yourself from angst, from traditional concepts, etc.
  • For young professionals: free yourself from conventional and boring activities



– Sky Blue-  Trustworthy, Dependable, Secure, Responsible

– Golden Yellow – Positivity, Light, Warmth, Motivation, Creativity

– Persimmon Orange – Vitality, Fun, Playful, Exuberant

– Forest Green – Wealth Health Prestige Serenity


The branding colors shall be used in the creating the branding (color) pattern. The use of geometric designs in the pattern is aligned with the Lapu- lapu’s tattoos(Pintados).



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